Monday, June 22, 2015

Jesse Benham

Jesse Benham, the son of Solomon & Sophronia (Hastings) Benham, was born Septenber 6, 1831 in Iron Hill, Brome, Quebec, Canada.  He died November 6, 1910 in Brome, Brome, Quebec, Canada.  He married Delilah Jennings June 10, 1868.  They had on son, Clinton Benham born 1869.  Jesse is the brother of Joseph, Rebecca and LoRuhmah Benham.
Jesse is my 2nd cousin twice removed.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Joseph Benham

Joseph Hastings Benham was born September 26, 1825 in Iron Hill, Brome, Quebec, Canada.  He moved to Minnesota in 1885.  He died in Park Rapids, Hubbard, Minnesota, USA August 4, 1906.  He is buried in Iron Hill.  Joseph is the first child of Solomon and Sophronia (Hastings) Benham and brother of Rebecca & LoRuhmah.
Joseph is my second cousin twice removed.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Re-visit April 28, 2015

Today I will back up to the submission of April 28, 2015 when I presented three of my uncles who served in the military during the World War  II.  I had a nice message from my cousin Kevin Hastings to which he attached pictures of these three men.  Robert "Toby" Hastings is Kevin's Dad.

Monday, June 1, 2015

LoRuhmah (Benham) Pickle & her son's family

LoRuhmah Benham married Horace Darius Pickle December 29, 1864. 
They had one son Follin H. Pickle.  Follin was born March 1866.  Follin was a doctor. 
Follin married Elizabeth and they had three sons, Gordon H. born Aug 1890, F. Eric born February 1893, and Horace G. Pickle born April 1895. 
This picture features LoRuhmah at the left, Follin on the right, his wife and three sons.  There is one other unknown person. 
LoRuhmah is my 2nd cousin and Follin my 3rd cousin.

Monday, May 25, 2015

LoRuhmah Benham (1839 - 1913)

LoRuhmah is another daughter of Solomon & Sophronia (Hastings) Benham.  She was born in Iron Hill, Brome, Quebec, Canada.  She married Horace Darius Pickle December 29, 1864.  They had one son Follin H Pickle.  LoRuhmah is my second cousin twice removed.
                                                           LoRuhmah (Benham) Pickle

Monday, May 18, 2015

Rebecca (Benham) Chapman 1835 - 1871

Joseph Hastings & Polly Sanborn had a daughter Sophronia who after moving to Quebec married Solomon Benham.  Their daughter Rebecca married John Alonzo Chapman in Cowansville in 1855.  This is a picture of Rebecca (Benham) Chapman from the collection.  She is my 2nd cousin.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Canadian Relatives

A few weeks ago I was in contact with a man in Minnesota who was trying to find out who Sally Hastings was.  It seems that he had inherited a large collection of photographs of people he didn't know.  He thought they were relatives and after reviewing them we determined that they were relatives but very remotely.  Many of the people in the photographs were more closely related to our Hastings clan.  For that reason he sent copies of many of the photos to me.

Many members of the Hastings family left New Hampshire and moved to Canada, just north of the New Hampshire / Vermont border.  Most of Joseph Hastings' children were a part of this migration.  Joseph Hastings (1777 - ) is the brother of my GGgrandfather Asa Hastings (1792 - 1876).

Joseph had a son Asa Hastings (1804 - 1886).  His first wife, Rebecca Wells died in 1836 at 25 years.  Asa then married Sarah Paige Carpenter (1816 - 1889).  After careful analysis we determine that
Sarah Paige Carpenter was Sally Hastings the focus of the Minnesota search.