Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Robert Hastings

Robert Hastings is my oldest known Hastings ancestor.  He was born May 11, 1654.  Several sources indicate that he arrived in Haverill, Norfolk, Massachusetts, by sea,  on a load of bricks.  He was a mason and shortly after his arrival in Haverhill he built the Peasley Garrison House.  This house is still standing (2015) at 720 East Broadway in Haverhill, MA.
The Peasley Garrison House as it appeared in 2005.
Robert Hastings, the builder, is my 6th Great Grandfather.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Minnie & Carrie Benham

These are two individual pictures of Carrie Benham and Minnie R (Benham) Neal.  Details for them are in the previous weeks submission.
                                                         Carrie Benham

                                                         Minnie R (Benham) Neal

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Minnie, Carrie, Gertrude & Bertha Benham

Minnie Ruhama Benham was born May 10, 1879 in Bolton, Stanstead, Quebec, Canada.  She married George William Neal.  They lived in Springfield, MA in 1920 & 1930.
Carrie Benham was born November 20, 1880 in Quebec, Canada.  In 1921 she was living in Granby, Shefford, Quebec, Canada.
Bertha (Bertie) Benham was born December 17, 1883 in Quebec, Canada.  She was a teacher.  In 1901 she was living in Granby, Shefford, Quebec.
Gertrude (Gertie) Benham was born December 17, 1883 in Quebec.  Bertie & Gertie are twins.  In 1917 she was living in Springfield, MA
                                               Minnie, Carrie, Bertie & Gertie Benham

Minnie, Carrie, Bertie & Gertie are daughters of Darwin Solomon & Lydia Sherman Olcott (Frizzle) Benham.  They are granddaughters of Solomon & Sophronia (Hastings) Benham.  They are my 3rd cousins once removed.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Rev Caleb Benham

Caleb Benham was born in Brome, Quebec, Canada September 12, 1852.  He lived in Quebec until around 1880 when he moved to the USA.  He shows up in the 1900 census in Eurika, California.  By 1920 he has moved to Hilliard, Florida where he died in 1923.  Caleb is the son of Joseph Hastings & Maryetta (Goff) Benham and the grandson of Solomon & Sophronia (Hastings) Benham.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Eunice Barber

Eunice Adell Barber born January 16, 1872 in Quebec Canada.  She is the daughter of John Barber and Laura Ann Benham.   Laura Ann Benham is the daughter of Solomon and Sophronia (Hastings) Benham.  An interesting story is that Eunice's brother Merrill Jason Barber left Canada and moved to Missouri and then to Vero Beach, Florida between 1920 and 1930.  He built a Citrus Grove and became a leader in the community.  A bridge in Vero beach is named for him.
                                                            Eunice is my third cousin.
                                                                    John Barber

Monday, June 22, 2015

Jesse Benham

Jesse Benham, the son of Solomon & Sophronia (Hastings) Benham, was born Septenber 6, 1831 in Iron Hill, Brome, Quebec, Canada.  He died November 6, 1910 in Brome, Brome, Quebec, Canada.  He married Delilah Jennings June 10, 1868.  They had on son, Clinton Benham born 1869.  Jesse is the brother of Joseph, Rebecca and LoRuhmah Benham.
Jesse is my 2nd cousin twice removed.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Joseph Benham

Joseph Hastings Benham was born September 26, 1825 in Iron Hill, Brome, Quebec, Canada.  He moved to Minnesota in 1885.  He died in Park Rapids, Hubbard, Minnesota, USA August 4, 1906.  He is buried in Iron Hill.  Joseph is the first child of Solomon and Sophronia (Hastings) Benham and brother of Rebecca & LoRuhmah.
Joseph is my second cousin twice removed.